Avhandlingar och publikationer - Uppsala universitet


Avhandlingar och publikationer - Uppsala universitet

2014-12-09 · The paper contributes to emerging literature on negative outcomes of ICT use by (1) highlighting the influence of technostress on users' satisfaction and performance (i.e., productivity and innovation in ICT-mediated tasks) with ICT, (2) extending the literature on technostress, which has so far looked largely at the general behavioral and psychological domains, to include the domain of end 2020-09-25 · Healthcare managers, in comparison with other healthcare professionals, have an increased likelihood of experiencing technostress at work. Since knowledge about the causes and severity of technostress and about the strategies healthcare managers use to handle it is limited, the aim of this study was to describe their experience of technostress and the actions they employ to address it. Technostress is causing a lot of physical as well as psychological problems among workers. This paper discusses various work stressors and suggests some techniques such as stress management programs, training programs, autonomy and social support, awareness and communication to deal with work stress related problems. The Computer Technology Hassles Scale was developed to measure technostress or computer-related stress. The Computer Technology Hassles Scale was based on the idea that certain interactions with co Technostress and which is a type of stress resulting of inappropriate use of ICTs by employees in organizations (Tarafdar et al., 2017; Ragu-Nathan et al., 2008), in our previous works (Salah- Eddine & Belaissaoui, 2016; Salah-Eddine, et al., 2018) we have discussed in detail the To investigate the phenomenon of technostress among university teachers in higher education, a multidimensional person-environment misfit framework of technostress was proposed and validated by 343 teachers from universities in China.

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We investigate the effect of conditions that create technostress, on technology‐enabled innovation, technology‐enabled performance and overall performance. We further look at the role of technology self‐efficacy, organizational mechanisms that inhibit technostress and technology competence as possible mitigations to the effects of technostress creators. We define technostress as a negative psychological response to the use (and abuse) of technologies, as well as the harmful effects of the implementation of technologies within the workplace.

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Invasion – “Technology is taking over my life!”. Hands up if you’ve ever taken work home with you? Thanks to smartphones and high-speed internet, 2. Overload – “I can’t keep up with all these tasks!”.

Technostress articles

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Technostress articles

As such, global references in this field are identified and highlighted in order to manage pre-existing knowledge and establish future ‘bridges’ among researchers, and to enhance the presently dispersed understanding of this subject. This article describes the concept of technostress and discusses possible risks and opportunities of digital technologies at work and their effect on mental health. Recent findings: Studies report that the use of digital technologies is associated with specific psychosocial demands (e.g. higher workload, complexity, conflicts between work and other life domains) and resulting psychobiological tween technostress and its antecedents, as well as its consequences. Despite the value of the vast amount of questionnaire-based technostress re-search (for a recent review, see Day et al. 2010), in this article we draw upon a different conceptual perspective, namely neurobiology, thereby adding a new the-oretical lens to the technostress litera- 2018-05-08 · Turning technostress to tech success at work 1. Manage your time like a pro.

Technostress articles

… Technostress and Performance of Auditing Firms in Nigeria Omoneye O. Olasanmi Open Journal of Business and Management Vol.4 No.4 ,October 31, 2016 2020-09-01 Technostress: how social media keeps us coming back for more even when it makes us unhappy September 2, 2019 8.54am EDT. Monideepa Tarafdar, Lancaster 2018-01-01 Aim: To perform a scoping review on the state of the art of technostress, an emerging risks associated with the growing use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in society. Methods: a scoping review on technostress at work was performed using the Web of Science (WoS), using the key term "technostress work".
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Technostress articles

Most of articles focus on the analysis on the precipitating and alleviating factors of technostress in workers, as well as the main consequences of the materialization of this risk on worker performance.

However, it is not clear what characteristics of technology are We then develop our framework in the form of the “technostress trifecta”—techno‐eustress, techno‐distress, and Information Systems design principles for technostress. The paper challenges 3 key ideas imbued in the existing technostress literature. Technostress: The Consequences of Abusing New Technologies.
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Although advanced technology is ubiquitous in today’s world, this reality can prove troublesome. Technostress, or the negative impact computer usage has on individuals, is a relevant issue for 2017-01-01 2014-12-08 technostress phenomenon, making the boundaries and relationship between technology characteristics and stress ambiguous. For example, one of the dimensions used to capture technostress is techno-overload, which asserts that there is greater workload and this is caused by technology. However, it is not clear what characteristics of technology are We then develop our framework in the form of the “technostress trifecta”—techno‐eustress, techno‐distress, and Information Systems design principles for technostress.

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The article describes how researchers studied technostress among university librarians.